Inside Athena: The Resident Conversations with a South Shore C.N.A.

Inside Athena: The Resident Conversations with a South Shore C.N.A.

ROCKLAND, M.A. — C.N.A. Katherine Keene at South Shore Rehabilitation & Skilled Care Center in Rockland has been at the facility for more than 30 years.

She joined in 1981 and stayed through 2001 before leaving to care for a family member. In 2007, she returned.

South Shore C.N.A. Katherine Keene

“I like taking care of people and dealing with different people,” she said. “I enjoyed my work.”

Her daily care for residents, usually residents going through rehabilitation on the East Wing, is accompanied by conversations and talks about everyday life. Keene said they talk about their families among other topics, and she enjoys listening.

Working specifically with residents working to go back home, Keene is often a voice of motivation during their recovery journey.

“A lot of them who come get discouraged but I always tell them, ‘Things take time but you will get to where you need to be,'” Keene said.

She entered into healthcare at 16 years old at another nursing home. A lot of her family is in healthcare as well. Since entering into the career, she has found a lot of enjoyment in her duties, the residents she works with, and the team she works alongside. She noted it really is a team approach to care at South Shore.

“We care about our residents,” she said.

“Kathy has been a dedicated employee here at Southeast for the past 16 years. Kathy continues to demonstrate compassion, dedication, and helpfulness in her daily tasks with residents and coworkers,” Director of Nursing Karen Fortin said.

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