Update from Administrator – August 19, 2021

Update from Administrator – August 19, 2021


Our facility has a staff member out with Covid-19. We will continue testing and reporting at regular intervals as required by CMS, CDC and DPH. We will continue with staff and resident testing; If your loved one has tested positive or tests positive, you have already or will receive a phone call.

Below is a brief overview of what we have done, and will continue to do, to ensure for everyone’s safety and health at South Shore.

  • We continue to audit our staff for proper PPE donning / doffing, hand hygiene, etc.
  • Continue to require all staff to be screened before and during each shift – questionnaires and temperature checks.
  • Any unvaccinated staff is required to be tested prior to the start of their shift as well as taking a PCR test once a week regardless of their vaccination status. Any residents that were near the affected staff member are on specific COVID precautions.
  • State and local health departments have been notified and consulted; we are following their guidance.

Visitation Update:

  • Outdoor visitation can continue for those residents not on quarantine.
  • Indoor visitation is put on hold until the facility goes 14 days without a new positive case. Window visits and virtual visits with our tablets are in place.

We encourage everyone in every Massachusetts community to do their part to limit the community spread that affects this frail population: watch your distance, wash your hands, and wear your mask. It is clear that communities with a higher prevalence of COVID-19, will have a higher prevalence in their local nursing home.

We will provide all updates as they become available, and I encourage you to contact us directly with questions specific to your loved one.

We appreciate the support of our community during this time.

Jamie Carr

August 19, 2021 A Healthier Approach To Caring